Develop your show presence and generate maximum interest in your product or service with proper preparation.  We've put together our handy Exhibitor Toolbox to help you make the most out of your show experience.

Planning is key

Begin with the end in mind - what do you want to achieve?  Proper planning will make all the difference.

Promotion and advertising

Promote the event as if it's your own, because it is! People need to know you'll be there.

Successful stand design

Exhibitor visitors are highly visual - an inspiring stand will attract more visitors than any gimmick.

And ... action! At the show

You've got a wonderful stand set up ... now at the show, you'll need to engage with the visitors.

Giveaways and incentives

People love a bit of swag, and it will help them to remember your brand.  Here's some ideas ...

Exhibitor sins

Don't put people off!  Avoid these common mistakes that might be costing you sales at the show.

Follow up leads

Prompt and effective follow-up is critical - have a plan in place and execute it well. 

Review and learn

It's important to review your performance so you can start planning your next exhibition!