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Being an exhibitor builds a momentum that extends beyond the hours that the show doors are open.

Once after a show, we congratulated an exhibitor on the number of people we saw leaving with their products. "That's barely a third of it," they told us. "I spend the next two weeks visiting people I met today and doing quotes!"

Take full advantage of the contacts that you've made by efficiently following up leads and generating more business.

Have a plan

Before the show, think about how you're going to capture sales from people who aren't ready to commit on the spot.

Fulfill your commitments and act in a timely manner

Reach out to your mailing list

A common show goal is to gather data for a business mailing list.

Take a minute to reach out and send a quick thank-you email to say you were glad to meet them. You can include an exclusive special of offer or a call to action.

Don't forget that show visitors meet a lot of businesses all at once at an exhibition - identify yourself with clear branding or even a photo of yourself or your stand to jog their memory!

Assign responsibility

Ensure there is somebody on your team who is responsible for ensuring leads generated at the show are contacted, and works to nurture those relationships.

If it's a job simply dumped in the communal 'to do' basket, it's no longer a personal service and may get lost in your day-to-day business.

Following up sales leads after exhibiting at a show - Exhibitor Toolbox - Bay Events

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