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Visitors form an opinion of your business in just a few seconds as they walk towards your stand.

What is it about yours that's going to make them stop and take notice?

Make it visual

Utilise the stand area

Get interactive

Take things up a notch and engage the senses - people love to have something to touch, something to taste, something to do!

It's easy for businesses selling makeup to give makeovers, or businesses selling drinks to give people a taste. But some businesses need to get a little creative:

Make it bright

Good lighting is a neccessity! On a basic level, it allows visitors to see your stand clearly but on a deeper level, good lighting creates an atmosphere and tone that can make you stand out from other exhibitors.

Allocate space for storage

A stand lacking in storage leads to chaos - pamphlets everywhere, lost merchandise, water bottles everywhere.

Ensure you allocate at least a small area for storage, shielded from the public eye. Storage can be cleverly hidden behind tablecloths or displays.

Staff are on display too!

The staff attending to the stand are just as much a part of the visual as your biggest poster. Ensure they're dressed in a way that fits your brand message and your display.

They also need to be wearing their most important accessory - a smile!

Future-proof your stand investment

Building a successful trade show stand involves money, time and effort. Make sure it's not a one-hit wonder by future-proofing your display so it can be reused.

Modular sets are a great way to ensure your stand can be used in varying setups, which is essential when not every show floor plan is the same.

Keep your stand material dry and safe when storing it between events.

Designing a successful stand to display at an exhibition - Exhibitor Toolbox - Bay Events

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