Some of our exhibitors and suppliers have been targeted by online scammers offering attendees lists for our shows, including the Tauranga Home Show, the Seriously Good Food Show and the Bay of Plenty Home Show.

Please be aware that these emails are fraudulent.

This is a phishing scam looking to gain your personal and financial information.


These scammers have no relationship with Bay Events and they do not have the information they are attempting to sell.  We are a permission-based email sender.  We do not share, rent or sell our email lists.  We also do not publish the email addresses of our exhibitors or suppliers on our website.

While we have reported this activity to the Department of Internal Affairs, since the scammers operate overseas we don't have the power to stop these emails.  They are relentless and continue to send under new email addresses.

Do not engage with the scammers.

If you receive one of these emails, use your email system to mark it as junk/spam and block the sender.  Do not respond, even to 'unsubscribe' as this just informs the sender that your email address is active and can result in additional unwanted emails.

The Trade Show News Network published an interesting story on their findings after examining these emails, if you would like to read this story click here.