The Bay Events team

A passion for putting people first is the driving force behind the exhibitions spearheaded by Bay Events in Tauranga.  The family trio of Graeme, Raewyn and their daughter Dana share the enthusiasm and spark to bring these hugely stimulating and informative shows to the public each year.

"My mother and father started shows because they believed in the potential this city offered and wanted to support regional business progress," says Dana.  "The longevity and growth of Bay Events is a testament to them and the local people who have supported us along the way."

Graeme and Raewyn established Bay Events back in 1995.  Their first event was the well-received Grow Expo Flower & Garden Show at the Tauranga Racecourse, enjoying the challenge of working towards a set date with a years’ worth of hard work coming together over a multi-day event.  Joined in 2011 by their daughter Dana, Graeme calls it the ‘triple-passion effect’.

“I was front of house selling, with Raewyn back of house supporting behind the scenes.  Dana has come on board with a unique skill-set that is perfect to successfully drive our business further into the future."

Bay Events has seen massive changes in not only the events industry, but the expanding client base and the advances made in the products being offered.  Shows are scheduled up to three years in advance, take up to a year to organise, and pull together over 1000 exhibitors manning the stands.  Graeme says, “We quickly realised that we needed to focus on visitors just as much as exhibitors.  We strive to create events where visitors enjoy the atmosphere, linger longer and explore more."  This focus on relationships is the main business driver, and the reason why Bay Events has been so successful.

The shows have grown together with exhibitors and suppliers, with some current exhibitors on board for decades.

 Despite its growth and success, Bay Events still have the same ethics and goals that they did on day one.  "We succeed when our exhibitors succeed and not before,” says Dana.  “By striving towards that in everything that we do, we’ve created a series of events that bring a real buzz to both exhibitors and the community.”

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